101 Greening Plans

It seems many people have been inspired by this list and that makes me happy! Feel free to use them for yourself and post a link back here if you’d like. Happy planning!

1001 Day Project

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Start Date: May 24, 2008

End Date: Friday, February 19, 2011

Italicized tasks are in progress.

Strikethrough tasks are completed.

Eating Green

1. Cook at least one meatless meal a week.

2. Bake bread at least once a week.

3. Cook and serve smaller meals so there is less food waste.

4. Trade out remaining nonstick cookware for cast iron, copper, steel, or glass.

5. Cut down on purchases of premade frozen foods.

6. Fix at least one completely organic meal a week.

7. Buy fair-trade and/or organic coffee for husband after current supply runs out.

8. Grow at least 10 edible plants each season.

9. Fix at least one local (within 250 miles, because this is Las Vegas) meal per week.

10. Transition to non-plastic reusable water bottles, at least for me and ESon.

11. Learn to make at least one premade item per month, such as peanut butter or granola bars.

12. Purchase pressure cooker and eliminate rice cooker.

13. Fix a raw meal once a month (only because family probably won’t be too keen at first).

14. Have a green picnic each spring, that is, no chemicals to light with, natural charcoal, as much locally grown/organic food as possible, reusable eating utensils.

15. Experiment with home canning fruits.

16. Fix at least one seasonal meal a month.

Growing Green

17. Set up household compost bin.

18. Build outdoor compost bin.

19. Set up indoor herb garden for fresh herbs all year round.

20. Plant a tree.

21. Plant pest repellent herbs in the garden.

22. Introduce good predator bugs, such as ladybugs and wasps, to the garden.

23. Give vermiculture composting a try, probably indoors because of summer heat.

24. Research (and later install?) putting a green roof on the house. It’s a trailer so the roof is flat-ish.

25. Check the efficiency and timing of drip-system quarterly.

26. Consider a rain barrel connection to the drip-system.

27. Set up graywater system for non-edible plants.

28. Put hummingbird feeder back up.

Powering Green

29. One week out of the month, leave the TV off.

30. Get freezer thermometer and adjust temperature to a 5 degrees F.

31. Set up wind turbine for roof.

32. Install solar hot water system.

33. Replace remaining bulbs with CFLs or even LEDs.

34. Replace cordless phone with corded phone.

35. Audit household TV usage for one month.

36. Cut TV usage by half.

37. Audit water usage for one month.

38. Cut water usage by at least 25%.

39. Audit electricity usage for one month.

40. Cut electricity usage by at least 25%.

41. Create a charging station for household portable electronics.

42. Reduce electronic kitchen convenience items by 50%. Items on the chopping block: bread maker, tea maker (we already have a coffee maker), blender, rice cooker, crock pot.

Cleaning Green

43. Convert toilet to low-flow or buy one.

44. Replace shower fixture with a more efficient one.

45. Reduce shower time to less than 10 minutes.

46. Learn to use minimal water when washing the dishes.

47. Completely transition to natural cleaning products.

48. Practice “navy showering” for two weeks.

49. When washing machine and dishwasher finally bite the dust, replace with best energy rated model we can afford.

Future Green

50. Plan a Tiny Home, complete with sustainable homestead, even if it doesn’t happen for 10 years.

51. Build and decorate out-building for office using as much eco-friendly material as possible.

52. Save all pocket change each year and use it on either a green improvement or towards a carbon offset.

53. Celebrate Buy Nothing Day each year, which falls on Black Friday.

54. Celebrate Earth Hour annually.

55. Participate in bi-weekly challenges from green_future, including their Monthly Earth Hour.

Shopping Green

56. Buy used furniture for bedroom, refinish if needed.

57. Make more effort to buy from ethical companies.

58. Use Eco-Libris with every new book purchased, which plants a tree for every book.

59. Eliminate use of plastic bags while shopping.

60. Attend at least one Farmer’s Market a month.

61. Take Mamas on the Compact 2 month challenge.

62. Take Mamas on the Compact 6 month challenge.

63. Take Mamas on the Compact 12 month challenge.

64. Instead of purchasing something immediately, plan to make it or buy second-hand.

65. When a traditional, commercial personal product runs out, replace with an environmentally better, slimmer packaged product.

66. Buy in bulk at least once a month.

67. Do a clothing swap with friends at least once every six months.

68. Buy paper products with post-consumer recycled material.

69. Stop buying new toys; get used from garage sales and second-hand stores.

70. Look for products with minimal packaging.

71. Use only a sea sponge after baby2 is born.

72. Encourage husband to cut wardrobe by 1/3.

73. Locate local antique and second-hand stores in town.

74. When shopping, only buy what’s on the shopping list, especially for those Walmart visits.

75. Don’t buy anymore reusable bags, make them from scrap fabric.

76. When giving gifts, consider a handmade or local artisan produced option first.

77. Switch to a more ethical bank.

Waste-less Green

78. Arrange for recycling pickup at home.

79. Keep baby2 in cloth diapers at least three times a day.

80. Eliminate, or replace with recyclable/biodegradable, all plastic/paper disposable kitchen items.

81. Go car-free, even if it means not going anywhere, at least one week out of every month.

82. Use more rechargeable batteries.

83. Ban (new) plastics 3, 6, and 7 from the house.

84. Replace plastic throw-away straws with reusable bamboo.

85. Switch over to cloth napkins.

86. Ban prepackaged, single-serving snack items from house.

87. Win the fight against unwanted junk mail.

88. Go paperless for as much billing as possible.

House Green

89. Replace kitchen floor with sustainable product such as cork.

90. Replace weather-stripping on windows and doors.

91. Insulate exposed pipes.

92. Insulate hot water heater.

93. Use low- or no-VOC paints with remodeling.

94. Install small skylight in kitchen and maybe the bathrooms.

95. Install ceiling fan in bedroom 1.

Other Green

96. Help husband set up recycling program at work, using this site for ideas. This one is good too.

97. Establish clothing swap program in neighborhood for the elderly. It’s a mobile home park that is more than half seniors.

98. “Buy” an acre of rainforest a year.

99. Find ways to participate in a local coop.

100. Locate all local parks, zoos, preserves, etc.

101. Celebrate completion of the first list, and then start a new one!

For my personal, slightly less green list, click here.

For more information, check out Day Zero.

Ideas and inspiration in part from Green Bean’s Blog, GreenStyle Magazine, TreeHugger, Going Green, A-Z, and EcoWorrier, and the book Sustainable Planet: Solutions for the Twenty-first Century.

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8 responses

9 06 2008

Great list – I look forward to following your progress!

9 06 2008

Thank you! It was a little hard work coming up with 101 things but it’s been surprisingly easy to work on the actual projects.

9 06 2008

Great list! On #42, I’m interested in the rationale for eliminating things like the bread machine and crock pot. In our case, those appliances use electricity instead of natural gas (as our stove does), and so they use less energy than our stove does and release less carbon — especially because we choose wind power for our electricity.

10 06 2008

The main reason for getting rid of those items is more a lack of use. They’re just taking up space and while I know I should be using them because they would save us money in the long run, I can’t ever remember to dig them out!

I do want to start making bread from scratch at least once a day, so before I get rid of the bread machine I’m going to try making it by hand a few times. If I can get the hang of that, then the bread machine will definitely go.

And I have to add, I’m so jealous of your sustainable electricity! :D

19 06 2008

Hi! I’m writing down my list at the moment and I think yours is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. For #75 I’d like to suggest you morsbags.com, it’s really great. Have a look! :o)

19 06 2008

I’m happy to share because I’m always hoping to inspire. :D

I do like morsbags and that’s one of the patterns I hope to try.

Thanks for visiting!

19 08 2008

Re #89: You could consider bamboo flooring for your kitchen.
Great list!

13 05 2009

Wow great list! I can’t imagine how hard it had to have been to list 101 green goals. Definitely some to keep in mind for my list! Good luck!

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